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Construction & Project Management Experience

WEPS LLC managing partner has been  responsible for the direction and/or supervision of some of the most relevant electrical construction  projects in Puerto Rico during the past 25 years within the following specialities :

√  Power transmission and distribution.

 Wastewater Treatment Plants

Gas insulated substations (GIS)

Power Generation: Primary generation and backup/emergency systems with up to 4.5 MW  capacity.

 Hospital / Medical Facilities.

 Correctional Institutions.

 Pharmaceutical/Manufacturing Industry.

Major customers who received the services include the Puerto Rico Electrical Power Authority, the Puerto Rico Aqueduct & Sewer Authority, the Authority for the Financing of the Infrastructure of Puerto Rico, the US Department of the Navy, and the US Department of Veterans Affairs Caribbean Healthcare System.

Photovoltaic Solutions Experience

WEPS management & technical team members have  installed, designed, and/or supervised over 2.5 megawatts of photovoltaic capacity on residential rooftops in the last two years.

Turnkey Solutions and Consulting Experience

 Energy Efficiency and Conservation: YMCA Energy Efficiency & Conservation Project

 Solar feasibility-study: Pricemart; over 1.5 MW in three Caribbean locations

 Economic Viability Analysis: 16MW wind farm

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