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General Reference

Cooling and distribution issues at central power plants, as well as homeowner and business needs for more comfort controls, are expected to increase energy demand and billions of dollars in additional costs to utility consumers over the next 5 to 25 years.

WEPS works with home and business owners, as well as infrastructure developers, to help them build and maintain custom, on-site energy solutions that save them money, increase their net income, and improve their property values in response to their own, particular needs.

WEPS is an innovative Puerto Rico energy solutions company specialized in design, construction, and optimization of energy solutions. Our native strengths, committed to excellence, remain the basis of our management team 25 plus years of service throughout the island and in the Caribbean.

Our objectives seek to support energy security, economic growth, and environmental sustainability with broad-scale adoption of meaningful new technologies and sound energy practices that help people live better.

Our proven experience in the energy sector allows us to offer significant resources and meaningful solutions. Moreover, our strong commitment to service remains the basis for helping our customers and partners achieve the dependable results they have come to expect during more than a quarter century of collaboration.

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