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WEPS Photovoltaics

As the price of low-cost, clean energy continues to decline, solar photovoltaic is leading the way.

The WEPS photovoltaic advantage for inexpensive electricity comes from our vast expertise in the power sector. Our integrative approach builds on a range of customer considerations; while our deep local commitment forged over more than twenty-five years of service in Puerto Rico’s electricity & energy sector offers unmatched consistency.

Each photovoltaic solution is carefully designed and executed to help reduce the price you pay and increase your retained net income, while enhancing your property value.


√  Self-sustaining, direct conversion of sunlight to electricity.

√  Reduction of high electricity expenses and associated fossil fuels that continuously cost the island and contaminate the environment.

√  High reliability

√  Long life cycle (estimated 20-30 years of returns), and

√  Low maintenance requirements

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