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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is increasingly important today since its practice allows home and business owners to generate significant new income by tapping their own previously wasted resources. A study by the Appraisal Institute on the matter, in fact, found that for every $300 reduced from an annual energy bill, by association, the value of the corresponding property could increase about $6,000, with net positive gain of $6,300.

Finding ways to provide a constant energy effect while consuming less energy is the central principle of effective energy efficiency. Experienced planning and knowledgeable technology implementation are important factors for a solid home or business energy management program.


 Significant reduction of energy costs.

√  Increase retained net income.

 Increased property value.

 Increased rental potential.

 Reduced property marketing time.

√  Increased property comfort and safety.

√  Environmental mitigation and sustainability.

WEPS offers you simple, seamless service to accurately assess your particular opportunities to turn unused electricity into new income for your home or business, and then execute a flexible program that meets your particular conditions and objectives for energy efficiency.

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