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Lighting Retrofit

Lighting enhancements known as retrofit frequently consist of replacing the lighting elements in your electric system with parts that help reduce electricity consumption while maintaining a comparable functional output.

According to the US Department of Energy, modernizing outdated lighting systems can contribute significantly to energy savings, better quality lighting, and reduced maintenance costs and labor.

In fact, the upgrading of electrical lighting sources frequently offers the best return on investment compared with other energy efficiency measures. Its initial cost is also relatively low.

A common parameter for lighting retrofits is the amortization period, when the accumulation of savings exceeds the initial cost of the upgrade.

While lighting subsequent to a well-executed retrofit should offer equal or superior levels of illumination than before implementation, the immediate benefits include reduced energy consumption and lower electricity bills.

Select technologies last longer than others and save replacement costs and future maintenance. Moreover, some of these solutions offer additional control that can lead to strategies for greater accumulated savings.

The environmental benefits of a superior retrofit should also include reduced power plant demand for fossil fuel and less atmospheric carbon emission. In addition, new technology last longer and reduce landfill material impact.

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